Dr Peter Scott

General Practitioner


Special interests:

All aspects of general practice

Dr Peter Scott entered the medical profession to help people and families. Today, he continues to take great pride in being there for his patients as he supports them with his broad-ranging general medical knowledge.

Advice on health problems and prescription medicines, preventative medicine, caring for acute and chronic conditions as well as referrals to other health and social services are part of Dr Scott’s everyday services.

Dr Scott completed his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 1997 and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in 2000, both at the University of Queensland. His experience, which spans 25 years, includes time working in rural medicine and urban GP practices. Dr Scott is now part of the Sinnamon Park Medical Centre team of general practitioners.

Further information and resources: 

Dr Scott encourages patients to use the internet to search for medical information post-diagnosis. He considers it a great follow-on from a consultation with him and can assist with offering suitable search terms. Adding ‘pdf’ and ‘site:au’ to a search can help to find Australian fact sheets or other Australian content relating to the diagnosis.

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