40-49-Year-Old Diabetes Risk Health Assessment

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The prevalence of diabetes in Australia is increasing at an alarming level. If it continues at the same rate, 3 million Australians over the age of 25 will have diabetes by the year 2025.
Diabetes is a serious metabolic condition that if not effectively managed will result in consistently high blood sugar levels, multi-system organ damage (notably the heart, nerves, kidneys, and eyes) and significant morbidity and mortality.
Diabetes is primarily a result of:
  • the pancreas not producing enough insulin (Type 1 – early onset) or 
  • the body not responding adequately to the insulin being produced (Type 2 – mature onset).
Type 2 diabetes is the most common and preventable form of the condition, and on average will develop in adults over the age of 45 (although cases are increasingly occurring in younger age groups, including children, adolescents, and young adults).

Diabetes Check - Finger Prick Test

Common risk factors for Type 2 diabetes

Your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes is influenced by:

  • age (>45 years)
  • gender (male)
  • ethnicity
  • family history of diabetes
  • previous high blood sugar reading(s)
  • high blood pressure requiring treatment
  • smoking
  • unbalanced diet/limited physical activity.

Take charge to make a difference

The good news is that early screening, detection, and treatment (if required) of diabetes can:

  • lessen the severity
  • prevent the onset or delay the progression
So, if you are aged between 40-49 years, we recommend you:
  • Develop and maintain an ongoing professional relationship with a GP who is aware of your medical history.
  • Be aware of your current state of health and risk factors/signs and symptoms of diabetes.
  • Take the short online Diabetes Risk Assessment (AUSDRISK) Test here to determine your relative risk of developing diabetes.
  • Make an appointment for a Medicare-funded 40-49 Diabetes Risk Health Assessment if you score 12 or greater on the AUSDRISK test (if eligible, no out of pocket expense).
Please note:
  • If you identify as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, the age criteria for this health assessment is 15-54 years.

What does a 40-49 Diabetes Risk Health Assessment involve?

A visit to our practice and a consultation with our team is all that’s required. It will take 45-60 minutes but could make a world of difference to your future health.
We will:
  • update your medical history
  • ask questions to assess your current health and identify risk factors for developing diabetes
  • complete a brief physical examination, where we measure your weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and blood sugar (additional tests may be required if requested by your doctor)
  • take a blood test (depending on the outcome of your assessment)
  • provide you with practical advice and information on how to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health and reduce your risk of developing diabetes or chronic disease in the future.
Additionally, depending on the results of your assessment, you may also be eligible for further government funded plans and programs including:

Diabetes Check - Healthy Lifestyle

Can I have a Medicare-funded Diabetes Risk Health Assessment more than once?

Yes. If you continue to meet the criteria you will be eligible for a Medicare-funded Diabetes Risk Assessment every three years.

I am 45 years of age, am I also eligible for a Medicare-funded 45-49 Health Check?

Yes, however, it must not be within 12 months of a Diabetes Risk Health Assessment.

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Ask specifically for a 40-49 Diabetes Risk Health Assessment and allow 45-60 minutes for the appointment (some appointments may be shorter).

Depending on the outcome of your health check, further tests and appointments may be required, potentially incurring additional costs.

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