Doctor Timetable


We have qualified and professional doctors available six days a week. Please view our timetable and contact us to make an appointment with your preferred doctor.


Doctor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr J. Soo 7am – 6pm 7am – 6pm 7am – 6pm 7am – 6pm 7am – 2pm
Dr S. Khoo 9am – 2pm 9am – 2pm 9am – 2pm 9am – 2pm
Dr M. Hall 8.15am – 5pm 8.15am – 5pm 9am – 1.30pm 9am -7pm
Dr D. Kurtschenko 8am – 5pm (alternating) 8am – 5pm 7am – 10am
Dr A. Jayasinghe 1pm – 7pm
Dr J. Cadden 11am – 7pm 7am – 3pm 8am – 5pm 12 noon – 5pm
Dr Emma Scriven  7am – 11am 8am – 4pm
Dr P. Scott 2pm – 7pm 3pm – 7pm
Dr Christine Lam 12noon – 5pm 9am – 5pm 9am – 5pm 9am – 5pm
Dr Winston Ng 8.45am – 7pm 8am – 4pm 8am – 6pm 8am – 5pm

Saturday – Doctors are on rotation and will available from 8 am – 12 noon.


When was your last check-up?

With modern, busy lifestyles, it’s easy to neglect your health as you try to put everyone else’s needs first. We’re here to care for you and your entire family. Regular visits to the doctor will depend on your age and general health, but they are important to make sure any health issues don’t go undiscovered.


Dr Margaret Hall